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“The Highest Purpose of our lives is to uncover our own Truth.”

» Have you experienced a recent trauma?
» Are you unhappy in your work?
» Have you experienced a recent job loss?
» Are you depressed?
» Is your family life in turmoil?
» Do you feel disconnected from your family or friends?
» Do you have concerns with weight loss/gain, alcohol or drugs?

Learn how to take control and get what you really, really want. Reality of Counseling

» Will help you identify what you want in your relationship(s) and how you can evaluate what you are doing.
» Will help you determine and examine how you can best meet your needs.
» Will help you gain more effective control in your life.
» Will help you relate and connect to what is going on around you.
» Can help you create a happier life for yourself.
» Can teach you practical skills that will enable to you to make lifetime changes.


Are you under stress?

Holistic Counseling

Counseling is a personal growth process by which you, the client, meet with me, the practitioner, to talk over a presenting issue. A basic principle of counseling is that everyone is capable of solving his or her own problems and the practitioner facilitates this process for the client. As a holistic counselor we do not just keep talking – for example: Using a holistic approach will allow you to uncover the root cause of your physical and emotional pain, clear out sabotaging beliefs and heal all aspects of you that were affected by this issue. It will also allow you to receive the learning for going through an experience like that and set you up with inner resources to integrate and use in the future.
The philosophy is to encourage you to make connections with your challenges, self-heal, learn from the experience and take responsibility for your choices.The purpose of Holistic Counseling is to enable you to experience life with greater joy, self-awareness and meaning

Holistic counseling also helps you to answer these questions:

» Who am I?
» Where have I been?
» Where am I now?
» What do I want?
» Where do I want to be?
» What’s stopping me? What’s not flowing?
» Who or What is taking away my power?
» What life lessons am I to learn?
» What are my strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills, – dreams, passions, and goals?
» What’s my life purpose?
» Who and What inspire me?

The Benefits you could experience when you decide to follow a path of healing, transformation and personal mastery, are:

» feel a sense of peace and freedom inside of you
» feel happy, light and joyful
» heal from those issues that’s sabotaging your life
» heal on all levels of consciousness
» be on a path to knowing and living a purposeful and meaningful life;
» be on a path to reaching personal mastery and your highest potential
» deeply know yourself; your fears, joys, needs, values, skills, abilities, personality, your essence, etc.
» learn practical intuition and awareness
» manifesting abundance in all areas of your life
» have high self-esteem.
» follow your dreams!

Holistic counseling may be of help,if you are at a place in your life

» Feel stuck in life and/or your career feel that there is more to your life than what you are experiencing right now
» Have a deep longing to know your life’s purpose
» Have a wish to live a meaningful life
» Are in emotional pain and feel sad, unhappy, angry, resentment, depressed, anxious, fearful, etc.
» Are in physical pain or have an illness
» Have low self-esteem or -confidence
» Negative behaviours, habits or beliefs that’s sabotaging your success in life
» Deep-rooted childhood issues
» Want to deeply know yourself

All you need to awaken your true self and heal on all levels of your being, are:

The willingness and deep longing to heal and transform, to trust in the process, to let go, and the courage to choose and act. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? “Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you… As we let our light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same.

“As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”

What is Hypnosis?

Have you ever daydreamed?
Have you ever meditated?
Become involved in a movie?
Listened intently to someone speak?
Hypnosis is a tremendously pleasant state of relaxation. It is a natural state we all slip into now and then. Individuals allow themselves to enter hypnosis so that desired, beneficial suggestions may be given directly to the subconscious mind.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a common human experience. You likely have not defined as hypnotic trance the experience of day dreaming, or being oblivious to the people and activity around you while captivated by a television program, or driving on “auto pilot” until arriving at your destination or a child’s active play with an imaginary friend. There are many other examples of natural trance states in which automatic functions temporarily take place secondary to unconscious activity. Hypnosis is simply a way to use the trance experience you already have, but in a very focused and goal directed fashion.

Whenever you are functioning in the automatic mode (driving, common routines, listening to something you know well, jogging, etc.), it is quite easy to drift from an alert state into an altered state of consciousness (trance). Various levels of consciousness range from alert to light trance (day dreaming) to moderate trance to deep trance to sleep. Responsiveness to hypnotic suggestion at various levels of consciousness varies greatly from person to person.

You are in full control of your trance, with the ability to come out of the trance when you choose or move deeper into your hypnotic experience as you choose. In hypnosis, you are simply accessing more of yourself and your inner resources to accomplish whatever goal you have.

Consider hypnosis like two people going for a drive. During the waking state, most of the time, the conscious mind has the steering wheel while the unconscious mind is in the passenger seat working on the lap top computer, getting all sorts of things done. In a trance state or a sleep state the unconscious mind has the steering wheel while the conscious mind watches everything from the passenger seat or sleeps in the back seat or moves back and forth between those positions. It really doesn’t matter so much whether the conscious mind is watching or sleeping because its all happening in the same vehicle.

"Hypnosis is a safe and effective tool when used proprly."

Hypnosis involves communicating directly with the unconscious mind, rich with so many useful resources. The unconscious mind knows so much about your strengths, skills, abilities and potentials. It has a wonderful production crew able to present a show to you when you go to sleep- so much creative energy in the dream world. The unconscious is aware of your biological functions and can have a great deal of influence regarding what happens in the body. The unconscious knows about the unique qualities and characteristics that make you who you are. By connecting with so much more of yourself you can safely understand and direct so much more of your experience.

Hypnosis is about intrapersonal communication and relationship between conscious and unconscious realms. Hypnosis is also about interpersonal communication between both the hypnotherapist and the conscious mind and the hypnotherapist and the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is there to help no one else but you. It holds learning that once required great effort to acquire and now is part of automatic functioning like walking, talking and reading. Opening up a channel to communicate directly with the unconscious affords you a good deal more control over your experience. By connecting with more of your self, you really are securing informed consent regarding the choices available to you.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective tool when used properly. The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Your mind works on two levels the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is the analytical problem solver, the critical judge. The subconscious mind is where the perceptions, habits, and creativity reside. For effective long lasting change to happen we must go directly to the subconscious mind. Talking and analysis will help us understand why we do things. Hypnosis goes directly to the subconscious and helps us change-quickly and easily.

Self Improvement

Confidence, Building, Being Yourself Socially, Overcoming Shyness, Develop Optimism, Cool Down Blushing, Assertiveness Training, Saying No, Stay Calm with THAT Person, Feel Attractive Now, Overcome Insecurity, Stop Negative Thoughts, Personal Power, Conversation Starter, Self Sabotage, Perfect Body, What Others Think, Stage Fright, Confidence Builder 2,Watch Less TV, Self Hate, Stop Worrying, Overcome Perfectionism, Forgiveness, Victim Mentality, No Embarrassment, Anxiety Dining Out, Put Yourself First, Peer Pressure, Positive Thinking, Shy Naked, Self Acceptance, Impulse Control, Musicians & Singers Nerves, Stop Cursing / Swearing, Feeling Down, Stop Thinking the Worst, Crying at Work, Inferiority Complex, Confidence in Class, Be More Patient.

Personal Development

Interview Anxiety, Self Motivation Booster, Public Speaking Confidence, Improving Concentration and Focus, Creativity Booster, Increase Emotional Intelligence, Achieve Your Potential, Overcoming Procrastination, Motivation At Work, Believe In Yourself, Best Man’s Speech, Creative Problem Solving, Language Learning, Brain Power, Inspirational Lives, Get Organized, Millionaire Mind, Decision Making, Perseverance – Never Give Up, Personal Growth, Save Money, Enjoy Motherhood, Asking for a Raise, Will Power Booster, Self Discipline, Confidence in Meetings, Confidence with your Boss, Bounce Out Of Bed, Reach Your Goals, Enjoy Housework, Handling Criticism, Telesales Confidence, Life and Soul of the Party, Selling Yourself, Studying Motivation, Be Funny, Single Parent, Inner Strength, Starting a New Job, Success Motivation, Masculine Man, Be More Feminine, Find a New Job, Patient Parent, Confident Dancing, Academic Performance, Increase Your Luck, Inner Artist, Becoming a Leader, Awakening Intuition, Cultivate Compassion, Learn a Musical Instrument, Don’t Get Distracted, Personal Time Management, Seize The Day.

Personal Development

Weight Loss – Eat Healthy, Exercise Motivation, Healing Power Hypnosis, Quit Smoking – Stay Stopped, Get Rid of Migraines, Get Rid of Migraines, Get Rid of Migraines, Tension Headaches, Cannabis Dependence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chocolate Addiction, Wart Treatment, Teeth Grinding, Healthy Lifestyle, Hangover Cure, High Blood Pressure, Morning Sickness, Caffeine Addiction, Hot Flashes, Gain Weight, Lip Biting, PMS, Improve Posture, Poor Circulation, Tinnitus Treatment, Non-Surgical Face Lift, Excessive Sweating, Fast Natural Healing, Natural Anti-Aging, Prepare for Surgery, Live Longer, Positive Menopause, Hay fever Relief, Stop Facial Tics. Stop Thumb Sucking, Ease Eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma Treatment Hypnosis, Drink More Water, Stop Drinking Soda, Caring for the Terminally Ill, Gym Motivation, Ignore Snoring, Jetlag Reliever,

Pain Relief

Chronic Pain Management, Pain Relief, Arthritis Pain Relief, Knee Pain Relief, Hip Pain Relief, Childbirth Hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Think Thin, Super Slim Me, TV Junk Food, Stop Emotional Eating, Boredom Eating, Stop Binge Eating, Lose Your Sweet Tooth, Enjoy Healthy Cooking, Comfort Eating, Banish Fast Food, Weight Loss Motivation.


Independence in Relationships, Insecurity in Relationships, Fear of Commitment, Put the Spark Back, Get Over a Relationship, Dating Confidence, Approaching Women, Meeting People, Sexual Enhancement – Male, Sexual Enhancement – Female, Unrequited Love, Attractive Men, Attractive Women, Flirting Confidence, Become Popular, Get Over Divorce, Ending a Relationship, Increase Libido – Female, Increase Libido – Male, Speed Dating Men, Speed Dating Women, Delayed Ejaculation, Stop Pushing People Away, Love Again, Newly Single, Self Esteem in Relationships, Save Your Marriage, Stay Faithful, Listening Skills, Abusive Relationship, Feel Connected.

Phobias and Fears

Fear of Rejection, Fear of Confrontation, Agoraphobia, Fear of Failure, Stop Panic Attacks, Fear of Flying, Fear of Elevators, Unfamiliar Surroundings, Social Phobia, Dental Phobia, Overcome Fear & Anxiety, Fear of Heights, Driving Test, Exam Nerves, Cure Bird Phobia, Overcome Fear of Hospitals, Cure Spider Phobia, Cure Needle Phobia, Fear of Driving, Fear of Success, Cure Snake Phobia, Fear of Bridges, Fear of Water, Fear of the Dark, Overcoming Claustrophobia, Wedding Nerves, Performance Anxiety, Sexual Performance Anxiety, Being Alone, Fear of Dogs, Fear of Death, Fear of Vomiting, Fear of Others Vomiting, Fear of the Phone, Fear of Change, Fear of Authority, Fear of Going Crazy,

Sports Psychology

Mental Toughness, Quick off the Blocks, Golf – Hitting Over Hazards, Golf – Teeing Off, Golf – Putting, Golf – Perfect Swing, Be a Winner, Pre-Game Nerves, Tennis Serve, Sports Injury, Martial Arts, Ten Pin Bowling, Running Endurance, Martial Arts Perfect Timing.

Difficult People

The Negative Critic, the Angry Bully. The Gossip, The Control Freak, The Guilt Tripper, The Moody Type, The Shy , Person, The Know-It-All

Depression Treatment Hypnotherapy

Anger Management, Stop Premature Ejaculation, Dealing with Guilt, Impotence, Stop Nail Biting, Troubled Childhood, Overcoming Hypochondria, Overcoming Jealousy, Diminish Alcohol Abuse, Stuttering Therapy, Road Rage, Stop Bed Wetting, Cure Insomnia, Writer’s Block, Hair Pulling, Shopping Addiction, Dealing with Grief, Midlife Crisis, Stay Off Alcohol, Job Loss, Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, Depression Treatment , Gambling Addiction, Vaginismus Treatment , Stop Obsessive Thoughts, Shy Bladder – Paruresis , Nervous Breakdown, Porn Addiction, Restless Legs Syndrome, Compulsive Lying, Skin Picking, Eyelash / Eyebrow Pulling, Crying Baby, Recurring Dream, Reduce Wine Drinking, Noise Sensitivity, Postnatal Depression, Masturbation Addiction, Body Dysmorphia, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning, Gag Reflex, Obsessive Checking, Nervous Passenger, Manage ADHD, Internet Addiction, Bulimia Treatment, Kleptomania.

What would you like to change?

Contact me and find out if hypnosis is right for you. I would be happy to answer your questions about hypnosis and my services.


The Tears of Lord Siva known as Rudraksha are the original Vedic Beads of Power worn by the Yogis and Saints of India and the Himalayas for thousands of years to maintain health, insure protection and to gain self empowerment and fearless life on their Path to Enlightenment and Liberation. Today science has found that the natural electromagnetic properties of the Rudraksha Beads improve concentration, focus and mental stamina .Due to these same properties it was found that wearing these natural Rudraksha Beads on the chest and around the Heart reduced and controlled stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness Historically the positive effects that have been exhibited in the wearers Neurophysiology, Personality and Physical Health .Although Rudraksha aviable in many area of world Nepali Rudraksha beads are known to have high power with multidisciplined


Rudraksha is the seed of the tree, genus Eleaocarpus, family Eaeocarpaceae. This tre is not without intresting features. Its Leaves are simple, seriated and petiolate, flowers are hermaphrodite found in axillary’s race moses about 12mm in diameter and white in colour. The following takes place in the rainy season and frits are found in tubercle, grooved, distributed in subtropical regions. Over 300 species of Elaecarpus have been reported so far. They are found in Nepal, Indian, China, Australia, Newzealand, Java, Polynesia, Mauritius, socotra, etc.In Nepal,good variety of plants are found in Rudra-rundra area in ghojpur district in Arun Valley area. Apart from the sanctity attached to them they do have medicinal value.

1. Elaeocarpus floribundas

Infusion of bark and leaves used as mouth wash for inflamed gums. Found in Eastern Himalayas and assam.

2. E.giganitrus=E sphaericus

This fruit is used in the diseases of head and epileptic fits. Found in Bihar, Bengal, Assam,and Madhay pradesh as an ornamental tree also. This species if found in Eastern Nepal up to 1200m. representative collection is from shakuta,kosi, zone.

3. E.oblongus

Fruit used in emetic, also in rheumatism,pneumonia,ulcers, leprosy,dropsy and piles. Found in western ghats (India) up tp 1800m. altitude.

4. E.petiolatus

Juice of leaves is used in malaria as an application in fever. Found in assam.

5. E. serratus

Leaves used in rheumatism. Antidote of poison. Fruit used in dysentery and diarrhea.The fruit has citric acid, itsleaves contain vitamin c and seeds a fixed oil. Found in eastern Himalayas upto 900m.Evergreen forests of north kanara and western coast down to travancore in India.

6. E. tuberculatus

Decoationof the bark is used as remedy for rheumatism, indigestion and biliousness. Nuts used as remedy for rheumatism, typhoid fever and epilepsy. Fro kanara southwards through western ghats , coorg, mysore and travancore and common in Nilgiris, Palini and Annamalai hills.

All kinds of Rudraksha are commonly used in the ayurvedic medicines When anyone suffers from small pox orchicken pox , the seed or fruit is rubbed on a clean stone and the paste is given to the patient to eat. It is also helpful for the prevention of poxes. It is also belived that those who wear Rudraksha do not suffer from blood pressure and according to some physicians this fact bears mention in ayurvedic medicine.

Rudraksha is regarded as medicine in ayurveda . It is warm and humid in temerament;some people regard it cold also . It tastes bitter. It is used not only to wear on different parts of the body, but it can also be used as oral medicine and for besmearing externally. Many doctors, vaidyas, scientists and ascetics use it.

It is the destroyer of worms and it gives brilliancy to the body. It pacifies vaat(air), pitta (bile) and cough automatically.It is also useful for women in pregnancy. Rudraksha is agood medicine for skin diseases. In leprosy of both the kinds it can also be used. It effects as a medicine to cure sores, ringworm, pimples, boils and it is useful in burns also.

Rudraksha is the simple most useful for the patients of blood presure. It does not let it go up or down. It keeps the B.P normal. For this rudraksha mala should be worn so close that it should touch the heart. It is sure that its wearer can never fall prey to a sudden heart attack, shrinking of heart or brain hemorrhage.The patient of B.P should keep the five facet rudraksha in water filling in aglass vessel throughout night and should drink it as soon as he gets up in the morning.By doing so the person would have normal blood pressure.

The children, who are mostly sick with fever, should wear three facet Rrudraksha.

In chechak (typhus) Rudraksha and black pepper having equal weight should be ground and sieved through a cloth – sieve. This poder should be drunk with stale water to cure chechak.

Cough is cured fully, if the powder of ten faced rudraksha is rubbed and licked with milk thrice a day.

Hysteria ,coma,Leucorrhoea and female diseases related to genetial organs canbe cured by wearing 3 beads of six faced Rudraksha.

All the diseases relating to the mind and brain are cured by drinking milk that is boiled with four faced rudraksha.It increases the memory also.

Scientific studies a research is needed to get reproducible results in above mentioned medicinal usages. Experience confirms that rudraksha is avery useful product for curing all types of diseases but further studies will unfold several hidden powers of Rudraksha.

How Rudraksha Healing Works

Rudraksha beads, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb, are the seeds of the fruit from Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha trees are found mainly in Indonesia, Nepal, and India. There are clefts on the surface of the beads which are used to characterize the beads. For example, a five facet Rudraksha bead has five clefts on it (shown below on the left). A ten facet Rudraksha bead has ten clefts on it (shown below on the right).

Rudraksha beads are available with 1 to 38 facets. Beads with 1 and 15 to 38 facets are rare. The 5 facet bead is commonly available and thus the most popular due to its effectiveness and economical cost. Yogis wear necklaces called malas (Sanskrit for garland) which typically consist of 108 five facet Rudraksha beads and a larger “meru” bead. The tassled “meru” bead is symbolic of the transcended state, and indicates the beginning and end of a cycle. Malas consist of 108 Rudraksha beads because according to Vedic literature, Brahmand (the universe) is made up of 108 elements.

The beneficial powers of Rudraksha beads have been known in Asia for ages and are well documented in traditional and contemporary literature. Due to increasing popularity of Rudraksha malas with the general populace in India, scientific studies have been undertaken in recent years to determine just how Rudraksha Healing works. One of the best known research papers was published by Dr. Suhas Roy of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras, India.

Dr. Roy’s research confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads flow from their electro-magnetic properties. When Rudraksha beads are placed over the heart, they act to stabilize the heart beat. Similar to magnets, the beads work on the principle of Dynamic Polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induce a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region. Depending on the polarity and intensity of this induced magnetic field, Rudraksha beads transmit subtle electrical and inductive impulses with opposing polarity and intensity. According, a proportionate balancing force is exerted on the heart to regulate it if it starts beating above or below normal rates. This action helps to ensure ideal blood circulation in the body.

The human body is a complex bio-electronic circuit comprised of the Central Nervous System and the organs and functions it regulates.

Streamlined blood flow has a powerful rejuvenating impact on this circuit and serves to prevent stress-related disorders caused by the damaging effects of excess energy on neurons and neurotransmitters. In essence, Rudraksha beads help bring about the well-known “relaxation response” which is the ultimate goal of meditation, yoga, tai chi, biofeedback, and countless other Alternative Medicine methodologies